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Getting things online

Gospace Labs is your go-to partner to build complex IoT & telecommunication solutions to tackle the most ambitious challenges.

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We make things connected

  • Experienced in space technologies – building stratospheric probes and cubesats.
  • Available scientific facilities, infrastructure and background of a Science Park.
  • Experienced engineers covering HW, SW, Mechanics and Communication.
  • Flexibility of a small and medium enterprise, adaptive to customer requirements.
  • Tight-knit, international and very enthusiastic family-liked team.
  • Courage to work on projects which others do not dare to undertake.

Company’s notable achievements

picture Your project in space quality

Bringing rocket science into urban challenges

Get a tailor-made IoT solution from our expert engineers!

customer Martin Basila
Martin Basila | CEO | SENSONEO j. s. a.
„I like the flexible and yet competent approach of these guys. When I heard they can build a space satellite, I was sure they could help me out with my waste container sensors.“
customer Marek Engler
Marek Engler | Head Of Innovation | Slovanet, a.s.
„Using their stratospheric platform, we did performance testing of our IoT infrastructure. Our cooperation was a great experience, moreover with a touch of space! They really did a great job.“

Tell us about your project

We’re great listeners and even better doers. Tell us about your vision and ambitions, challenges and struggles. We’re here to help you in the whole process of building and launching your product. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Our work



Digital Parking

Innovative smart parking solution based on high-precision and cost-effective IOT parking sensors (transforming parking from analog) and it peripherals with software for sustainable & efficient parking management for municipalities.


Water Level Management

MERATCH is revolutionizing the way we monitor our water resources. It is an IoT-based device that enables water level and water flow measuring. With seamless installation, wireless connectivity, and global reach, our solution ensures you're never left in the dark when it comes to water management.

ParkingAround App


Book, Share & Monetize Your Parking

ParkingAround is scalable, innovative solution that solves your parking problem. It makes parking easier while benefiting communities and the environment around us. By bringing innovative technology to parking, we help companies, their employees, and even individual residents to make the most of their parking space potential.

Smart Water Wells

Transforming wells into the smart ones

A cutting-edge solution that brings a new level of intelligence to your wells. Our innovative IoT-boxed technology offers real-time monitoring of water level, nitrate and nitrite content, pH, and temperature. With seamless installation and wireless connectivity, our solution empowers well owners with instant access to valuable data from anywhere in the world.

ParkingAround App

Stratospheric Probe

Autonomous Landing System

The probe equipped with a special application - Stratospheric Autonomous Landing System Application (SALSA) that was developed for the need of The European Space Agency and under its the most strict and challenging standards and supervisory.

Small Satellites

Design, development & testing

Innovative nanosatellite solutions, platforms, components. The team gained a unique experience with space projects and hardware in the areas of miniaturisation, data transmission capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions.

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